2020-2021 MainStage Season

Join us for our Homecoming Season at our brand new theatre!

Season Subscriptions go on sale SOON – build your own 4-, 5- or 6-show package.


September 11-27

Annie has been dealt a hard lot. Abandoned as a baby, on the steps of an over-packed orphanage, she never loses hope that her mother and father will one day come back to claim her. But at age 11, her luck shifts when she meets and forms an inseparable bond with Oliver Warbucks. When he offers a cash reward in hopes of locating Annie’s real parents, Annie and Daddy Warbucks are faced with greed and deceit that they must work together to overcome. Annie learns that her true home is where her heart is, in this timeless tale of love and generosity.

Co-Directors: Betsy Bisson and Matt Giles

October 16-25

It’s Halloween and the pumpkin patch is abuzz with chatter about which pumpkin Farmer Hill will choose as the Pick-of-the-Patch! All the regulars are hoping to be chosen because of their perfectly round shapes. When Spookley, a non-traditionally shaped pumpkin, appears at the patch, no one thinks he has a chance and they’re not shy in letting him know! But when the others get into trouble, Spookley chooses the road less-traveled and jumps into action to help those who haven’t been very helpful to him. This story of acceptance and inclusivity reminds us all that it’s hip to be square!

Director: Kim Granner

November 27-December 6

Junie B. Jones is excited about the holidays! She and her classmates are preparing for their Secret Santa gift exchange and she can’t wait to see whose name she’ll draw. When the name she draws isn’t the one she’d hoped for, Junie B. cooks up a plan to put the person in their place. Can she overcome the temptation to buy a gift for herself INSTEAD of her Secret Santa classmate? Will she do the right thing or wind up on Santa’s naughty list? This spirited, enthusiastic first-grader will have you laughing all the way!

Director: Mia Phillips

February 19-28

King Richard has been driven from his kingdom and his subjects now look to Robin Hood and his band of merry men to provide them with the help they need. But this isn’t the Robin Hood you remember! This reimagined production of the classic tale is fast-paced, funny and packed with audience interaction! It’s a rollicking good time for the whole family.

Director: Matt Giles


April 16-25

Jimmy Biddle is a straight-laced second-grader with a lot to do. He’s always prepared and always ready to follow the rules. But when a cool, groovy street cat comes to live with Jimmy and his family, everything Jimmy knows gets turned upside down. With his laid back style, positive attitude and rockin’ music, Pete the Cat helps Jimmy and his family see that in order to get the most out of life, you have to be willing to have some FUN along the way!

Director: Lauren Imhoff


July 9-25

As a young mermaid, Ariel dreams of bigger things—bigger than the vast ocean over which her father rules. But when an evil sea witch plays on her youthful fascination with the human world, and grants her a chance to walk on the shores above, she has just three days to make the prince fall in love with her, or she’ll become the witch’s prisoner forever. Without her beautiful voice and with the clock ticking, Ariel must summon all her strength and courage to make her dreams come true. This magical, musical tale will have you singing and swaying like seaweed in your seat!

Director: Matt Giles