Audition Call – Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! The Musical!


Audition date: Saturday, July 30th from 12 PM-5 PM, by appointment only. If you cannot make in person auditions, you may submit a Video Audition due Friday, July 29th by midnight.

Director: Connor Vetter
Music Director: Rachel Johnson
Choreographer: Lauren Imhoff


Per our COVID-19 protocols page, please note below our COVID-19 Policy for Rehearsals and Performances:

    • To participate in any SCCT production, for your safety, COVID-19 vaccinations are strongly encouraged, but not required.
    • All actors will perform unmasked.
    • We reserve the right to require testing at any point during the rehearsal/performance process, given that actors will be in close contact with one another.

Performance Dates: September 23-25, September 30-October 2, October 7-9
School Performance Dates: Sept 29 and Sept 30 @ 9:45am & 11:45am

Starting in our upcoming 22-23 Season, SCCT will be providing a stipend to all adult actors (18 and up who are out of high school). The stipend will break down as follows:

  • $150 for the rehearsal process
  • $100 for each performance weekend
  • Additional $50 lumpsum for school matinee performances

Ages: For this production, we are looking for 3rd grade through adults.

Style: All roles sing and must move well. Puppetry will be used for The Pigeon.

Audition date: Saturday, July 30th from 12 PM-5 PM, by appointment only. If you cannot make in person auditions, you may submit a Video Audition due Friday, July 29th by midnight.

Audition location: South Carolina Children’s Theatre, 153 Augusta Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Callbacks: Sunday, July 31st 2:00 PM-4:00 PM (side readings, movement for basic dance and puppetry)

Preparation: Auditionees should prepare 16 measures of a memorized song from a musical. You must bring sheet music in the correct key. No one will be allowed to sing a capella. You must also bring a non-returnable photo.

Rehearsal schedule: Rehearsals will range from August 8th-September 22nd. Rehearsals will typically be held Sunday-Thursday evenings, though not everyone will be called to every rehearsal. First rehearsal/orientation will be Monday, August 8th from 6:45-9:15pm.

Questions: Call Vanessa at 864.235.2885 ext 100.


Between 6 and 10 roles available. Character tracks/breakdown subject to change depending on casting.



ACTOR 1: The Pigeon (puppeteer) – The snappy, sassy, and demanding bird who never gets what he wants, but that doesn’t mean he’ll ever stop trying.

Pigeon Puppet – an arm puppet, operated Avenue Q style with the actor next to it.


ACTOR 2: The Bus Driver – the bus driving professional who loves her work and, eventually, The Pigeon. Prides herself on being driven and ALWAYS on time.


ACTOR 3: The Hot Dog Vendor – a guy that just loves sharing hot dogs! But not with Pigeons.

Passenger: Business Man – a no-nonsense man in a suit off to his new job. Hope he’s not!

Backup Duckling 1 (Puppeteer)

Airplane Engine – Personification of the sound effect of an airplane.


ACTOR 4: 2nd Pigeon (Puppeteer) Twin to The Pigeon, it pokes its head out in the opening scene. Operated Avenue Q style.

The Duckling (Puppeteer) – An adorable Duckling who gets a hot dog by just asking politely. Operated Avenue Q style.

The Bus Engine – Personification of the sound effect of an engine working. Or not working.

The Bus (Puppeteer) – A small, puppet version of the bus that dances in a fantasy sequence.

Bus Driver’s Mom – Bus Drivers have moms too, you know!

Puppy (Puppeteer) An adorable, woofy puppy-teer


ACTOR 5: City Worker – Grunty guy just doing his job putting up signs around town.

Passenger: Teenager – A kid who can’t wait to go see the latest superhero movie that’s opening RIGHT NOW!

Backup Duckling 2 (Puppeteer)


ACTOR 6: Passenger: Little Old Lady – Very excited to go see her newborn grandchild at the hospital.

Backup Duckling 3 (Puppeteer)


All actors should be energetic, silly, fun, and BIG!


Saturday, July 30th – Click here to schedule your audition