Class Guidelines Related to COVID-19

Safety is our top concern.
  • Masks are required by all students, teachers and SCCT staff.
  • We will be meeting cars for student drop offs the first week of class only. After that, students may be dropped off once the ‘DROP OFF’ sign has been placed at the curb. If there is no sign at the curb, please do not leave your child, as this indicates that we are not yet staffed and ready to accept your child.
  • No adults other than staff will be allowed in the building.
  • Hand washing will be the first order of business and then we’ll be keeping each class physically separate from the others to minimize contact.
  • Pick up will again be at the curb facilitated by SCCT staff. Please look for the ‘PICK UP’ sign.
  • Staff will clean and sanitize classrooms between classes to keep our spaces as safe as possible.
  • Larger classes will be divided into different rooms with additional teachers to keep overall room numbers down.
In the event of a mandatory lock-down cancelations

Should SC be put under a mandatory lock-down, in-person classes will shift to a virtual format for however long it is required. We will not cancel/refund those classes. The day of week and time of day your class is scheduled will remain the same, the only change will be that the instructor would be teaching via Zoom.