A great class for students who are new to the musical theatre. Students don’t have to be able to read music, but should enjoy the idea of singing and moving.  Learning very basic music terminology and basic movement/staging a song, will help youngsters feel more comfortable at a musical audition.  This semester we will be working on material from THE GREATEST SHOWMAN.  Parents will be invited to observe the final portion of the final class. 

Musical Theatre 5th-12th          Instructors: Lauren Imhoff & Chelsea LaCourse


How did we make that play?!  Find out through an all-encompassing process-based class!  Students will explore writing, directing, and acting by working together to create a one-of-a-kind performance. What do you love most about theatre?  Is it the magic of seeing the stories in your imagination come to life? Maybe you like putting the picture together as a whole?  Perhaps it is becoming a character and discovering their world?  Try on each hat- playwright, director and actor- and see which one is the best fit for you. You won’t know until you try!  If your child is “not an actor,” we can accommodate him/her in this class and they can focus on the non-performance elements for the production while still gaining social and collaborative skills.

Students who come into this class should already have experience with basic theatre concepts and terminology. This will allow the group to hone performance skills through high-energy theatre games, improvisation, and challenging activities without having to start at the beginning. But we’ll also explore playwriting, design and directing while learning what goes into producing a play for performance for a “sharing” at the end of the session. Absenteeism is strongly discouraged as the work depends on the group being present to work together.  Parents will be invited to observe the final portion of the final class.

Write/Direct/Act/Design/Produce 5th-10th    Instructor: Mia Phillips


The INTERMEDIATE LEVEL expands on training concepts presented in Process classes. If your child is really ready for more serious training (which will require reading plays, doing script analysis, researching plays based on historical era, evaluation of the overall themes and messages in plays, participating in class discussion and working independently), this higher-level class may be right for you. Please do NOT rush class progression.  Intermediate and Studio level classes are less about having fun performing and more about developing the individual’s artistic voice, learning to peer-coach effectively and working collaboratively as a group.

PRETEST required for all students before enrolling in INTERMEDIATE PROCESS ACTING — please email [email protected]

Before moving into an Intermediate level class students should be able to: name the parts of the stage, use abbreviations for stage directions and blocking notation, be able to define basic theatrical terms, understand CROoWw, be familiar with Lessac energies and Laban qualities as well as wanting to be given more responsibilities/homework and be willing to repeat material weekly for rehearsal and complete reading assignments in a week. Your current SCCT teacher is always the best reference for whether your child is ready to move up and you should email to them or talk to them at the final day sharing regarding your child’s progression if you have questions.

**Also check out the 3rd Stage Acting Mentor program on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.**

We strongly recommend students attend several semesters of Intermediate BEFORE requesting to test for Studio A. The instructor will be the best judge of WHEN the hopeful Studio A member should try the test.


If you’re in need of a date night, just drop the kids off at the South Carolina Children’s Theatre and let them enjoy a fun evening of their own! We’ll start the night with drama activities for a wide range of ages and experience levels, and then we’ll play crafts, enjoy a snack of milk and cookies* and snuggle down for the evening to watch a movie. Make sure they have their favorite blankets and pillows-we hope to have them in sleepy-mode by the time you pick them up.

*Standard supermarket cookies and regular milk will be provided.  Please supply your own snack if food allergies are a concern.


$25 per child ($20 for additional siblings) (No further discounts apply)

Hogwarts Primer for K4-5th (Instructor: Mia Phillips)  Friday, Feb. 28  6pm – 10pm

St. Patrick’s PJ Party for K4-5th (Instructor: Mia Phillips)  Friday, Mar. 13  6pm – 10pm

Young Padawans & Madalorioans for K4-5th (Instructor: Mia Phillips)  Friday, Apr. 3  6pm – 10pm

Frozen Springtime for K4-5th (Instructor: Mia Phillips) Friday, May 8  6pm – 10pm

z  3rd STAGE PRODUCTION CLASS for K4-5th     

This class is by audition only!

There will be MANDATORY Parent Meetings on either Tues, Jan 14 or Wed, Jan 15 from 5-6:30pm for anyone who is not a veteran parent of 3rd Stage.  A chance to determine if 3rd Stage is right for your child and to explain the commitment expectations and goals of the class. The instructor will also review what the audition will consist of and hand-out the paperwork that needs to be filled out for the audition. It does not matter which day you choose to attend. The audition form you fill out will allow you to indicate your child’s preferred class day.

Auditions EITHER Tues, Jan 28 or Wed, Jan 29 from 5-6:30pm

The class will meet on either Tues or Wed (pending casting) from 5-6:30pm each week,

Feb 11th/12th thru performances the weekend of May 22nd & 23rd

Audition Info The audition will consist of a 1-hour test drive class in which students will be guided through introductory acting exercises that will include following: directions, stage areas, vocal projection and characterization. No reading is involved for this audition.  All auditionees will need to bring a non-returnable photo, and fill out an audition form with schedule conflicts noted – just like a regular MainStage audition.  You will indicate on the audition form your preference for class day of week (Tues or Wed or Either).

Cast List will be announced Tues, Feb 4th.

Class Info 3rd Stage is an opportunity for experienced younger actors to realize the hard work that goes into being “up there.”  Stories are adapted for a fully produced weekend run.  The age range allows elementary aged students to tackle character roles while younger actors create an ensemble experience.

Students participate in a Test Drive Audition before regular session classes begin. This less stressful way of auditioning gives the director and crew a better understanding of how actors work together and take direction.  Actors will then be invited to take the class as a pre-cast participant.

Tuition is $255– payable after casting is announced

If a student is not invited into the class, they will be able to enroll in one of our regular semester classes.

Students embark on the rehearsal process creating characters and making acting choices guided by the directors, Traysie Amick and Andee Atkins. In addition, they will see young artists take on backstage and production roles, discover techniques and activities that are useful during “down-time” at rehearsal, and build a group of kindred partners with one objective: tell a great story!

Parents also have the opportunity to see how a child handles a heavier schedule.  They become familiar with new theatre jargon and get an inside look at the demands and expectations of “tech rehearsals.”  Everybody learns!

We ask that students have completed at least 3 classes of theatre instruction.  At least one of these needs to be Exploration or Process Acting from SCCT. Students who are cast will need to attend class consistently—absences and tardies are strongly discouraged as it impacts the whole class!

Classes will meet

Feb 11 or 12

Feb 18 or 19

Feb 25 or 26

March 3 or 4

March 10 or 11

March 17 or 18

March 24 or 25

March 31 or April 1

April 7 or 8

SKIP WEEK   April 14 & 15

April 21 & 22

April 28 & 29

May 5 & 6

May 12 & 13

Put together rehearsal for both casts will be Sun, May 17th – mid-afternoon/early evening

Tech rehearsals for both casts, (Mon-Thur) May 18, 19, 20 & 21 from 4:30-6:30pm

Performances Fri, May 22nd at 5pm and Sat, May 23rd at 11am, 1pm & 2:30pm

3rd Stage Mentors/Tech Crew for Grades 5-12 – please contact Traysie Amick [email protected] if you are interested in assisting this class each week all the way through the performances.  Mentors come 30 minutes prior to the actual class time (so 4:30 on either Tues or Wed) to help prepare material for the class start at 5pm.  You will act as a mentor to the younger students during the rehearsal process (help with writing down blocking, developing character, rehearsing lines, etc) and become the full run crew for the tech rehearsals and performances.  There is no cost for this learning experience, but YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO COMMIT TO THE WHOLE SEMESTER with minimal expected absences (none allowed during tech/performances). (Studio B students — mentoring covers your class assisting AND tech hours requirements.)

x Adliberation Teen Improv Troupe for 6th-12th

This troupe is ongoing from the Fall semester—there will be no audition for new members in Spring 2020.

SCCT ADLIBeration will be made up of strong teen improv performers who will be cast after an audition. Performers who are accepted will be accepted into a Junior Varsity or Varsity team based on assessments they will receive from their audition.

Both Varsity and Junior Varsity troupes will meet on Monday evenings from 6:45-8:15 pm starting Sept 10th.

Junior Varsity will be featured in an SCCT showcase in December that is hosted by the Varsity team.  They will also participate in a spring SCCT showcase with the Varsity players.

Varsity players will host and aid in developing the December SCCT showcase, perform with the Junior Varsity in the spring SCCT showcase, and represent SCCT in public performances in the community.  All travel will need to be arranged via parents of ADLIBeration members, SCCT will not provide transportation to performances.

There is a participation fee of $60 for the school year – payable AFTER auditions and acceptance into the Troupe. As the group can only improve when team members attendance is consistent, 3 unexcused absences or 5 total absences would result in elimination from the semester’s performance lineup and there will be no refund of the participation fee after payment.

Instructor: Traysie Amick          Assistant: Hailie Gold


Adliberation will skip April 13 for Spring Break

JV Spring Showcase will be at Cafe & Then Some at 7:15pm on April 27th

Varsity Spring Performance will be at Artisphere the weekend of May 8-10–exact time TBD

y Intermediate/Advanced Level “STUDIO A ENSEMBLE” for 6th-12th

This class is ongoing from the Winter semester–no new students may enroll for Spring 2020. New students will be admitted in the Fall Semester 2020.

Multi-age classes for students who are ready and willing to work in an environment where everyone will be expected to share the responsibility for the end-of-session performance. Classes are based on a curriculum that builds a sense of purpose in theatre work, creates a realistic outlook when approaching performance, and provides a challenge for students with experience in front of an audience. Material is designed to evolve with the ensemble as students master specific facets of theatre training. Before enrolling for a Studio Class, the student should have been enrolled in Production or Intermediate classes for at least two years or have the equivalent class experience elsewhere—for questions, please email [email protected]

Due to the reduced tuition cost, Studio A Ensemble members will be required to assist with a lower-level class during the semester, so check the Week-At-A-Glance sheet for classes that will fit your schedule and email me ASAP—first come, first served—ie if you wait someone else will get the class you want—I will only schedule double assistants if the class enrollment # is high and I rarely schedule assistants for classes that have 2 teachers.

Prerequisite = minimum of two years of theatre classes and an entrance exam


Instructors: Traysie Amick & Betsy Bisson

z Advanced-level “STUDIO B ENSEMBLE” for 8th-12th

Continuing from Fall Semester–no new students are admitted for the Winter/Spring semester.

Only for pre-approved students who have tested and auditioned for the class. This class runs Sept-May

Due to the reduced tuition cost, Studio B Ensemble members will be required to assist with a lower-level class during the semester, so check the Week-At-A-Glance sheet for classes that will fit your schedule and email me ASAP—first come, first served—ie if you wait someone else will get the class you want—I will only schedule double assistants if the class enrollment # is high.

Prerequisite = a summer-long entrance process, only those pre-approved may register for this year-long class


Instructor: Betsy Bisson

All Colors of the Spectrum One-Day WORKSHOP for 2nd-6th

Exploring theatre arts is an incredible way to work on communication skills, find creative outlets, and celebrate the world around us.  These one-day workshops allow students with special developmental and processing needs to try out various facets of theatre arts through games, discussion, and activities.  The small class-size will allow for instructors to give these curious minds individual attention and for the pace of the class to follow the needs of the group. This theatre arts series is an excellent opportunity to see if theatre is a viable outlet for your child’s creative impulses without the commitment of an ongoing class. Each workshop is a self-contained introduction to a specific theatre arts concept so participants can try one at any time and return to discover a new performance aspect whenever they please.

Sat, March 21 – 9:45-11:15am

Adult Acting

For those of you who are interested, we provide free acting workshops for adults—college-age and up.  Offered at no cost, but if you have time to put up posters, count fliers, organize costumes for us, etc—just do those things as you can — We’ll send out emails announcing our need, and if you can help, please do.

It’s a chance for beginners to seasoned actors to get together to learn more about acting, auditioning, the rehearsal process, monologue preparation and whatever the student has questions about.  Betsy Bisson is the Artistic/Education Director at SCCT and has 30 + years experience teaching acting.

The first three classes new students must attend in order to be assigned material to work on for the rest of the semester.  The bulk of the formal teaching occurs in the very beginning of the semester, later classes mainly consist of rehearsing material and performing for class for critique, based on the foundation concepts taught at the beginning. We DO have an informal performance at the end of the semester (voluntary participation—you can elect not to perform), and friends and family are welcome to attend.  You are also welcome to start the semester and then elect to just observe/critique & listen to lecture or participate in game/exercises and not perform, but the only way to learn to act is to actually go through the process (selecting material, doing the background character work, experimenting with physical and vocal characteristics, memorizing, developing intentions/obstacles, refining performance technique, receiving critiques, etc.). We cannot admit new students (or observers) mid semester as the group dynamic/trust has already been established.

We call it AA (cause no one can give you grief for going to an AA meeting) and it meets on Sunday evenings from 5:00-6:15ish pm.  The scheduling is dependent on building availability and the teacher’s schedule.

Class are held at SCCT Temporary Headquarters – 1200 Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611


NEW STUDENTS — please register! — there are a limited number of spaces open for new students.  In order to be assigned a monologue, you need to attend all of the first 3 foundation classes or secure a note-taker for any absences and get the info from them before the next class

SORRY-THE SPRING SEMESTER IS SOLD-OUT FOR NEW STUDENTS. We will take new students again for the Fall 2020 semester. As it is a free class, it enrolls very quickly!

RETURNING STUDENTS – please email Betsy to let her know you’re coming back—don’t sign up thru this webpage, it’s so I can gather info about new students and if you sign-up here, you’ll reduce the # of spots open for them.


Winter/Spring 2020 Class Schedule—

Jan 12 – new students required attendance – foundation material covered

Jan 19 – new students required attendance – foundation material covered

Jan 26 – new students required attendance – foundation material covered

Feb 2 – add returning students who have completed one or more semesters of classes

Feb 9 – group exercises

Feb 16 – material assigned

Feb 23 – working material with peers

March 1 – working material with peers

March 8 – working material & perform for class

March 15 – working material & perform for class

March 22 – working material & perform for class

March 29 – working material & perform for class

April 5 – Class at regular time and 7pm Class Sharing – an informal performance of material