Fall Classes 2021- Elementary

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COVID PROTOCOLS as of August 17, 2021

SCCT is committed to the health and safety of our patrons, casts, crews, students and staff. The CDC and DHEC currently recommend universal indoor masking when students age 2 and older are present. In accordance with these recommendations, we at SCCT feel it necessary to make the following updates to our COVID protocols in our efforts to keep everyone safe within our premises.

  • Students will be required to wear masks whenever indoors at SCCT.
  • SCCT teaching artists will be required to wear masks while teaching classes at SCCT.
  • Any parent/guardian (or sibling over the age of 2) of one of our students who opts to come into the building will be required to wear a mask to enter and while inside the building.

In addition to the mask requirements, five bipolar ionization units have been installed into all of our HVAC air handlers to ensure that everyone in our facility has access to the cleanest, safest, and healthiest air possible. Surface disinfection will happen between performances. Our theatre is sanitized with an electrostatic sprayer using an EPA-approved, food safe biocide designed to kill coronavirus on surfaces within minutes. Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the facility.

We will continue to monitor the COVID situation in our area and reserve the right to make adjustments to safety protocols accordingly.

Due to limited space for audiences in our classrooms, we will record the end-of-semester “sharing” for all classes and send parent’s the video link allowing each family to celebrate their child’s performance at a time convenient for everyone in the family and making it possible to easily share with distant family members. Our “sharings” are informal performances. Our goal is to engage the students in preparing for the low-pressure performance, without causing undo anxiety and also not spending every minute of class time solely repeating rehearsals. The “sharings” will not be highly polished and will be very low tech as our primary goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable class experience, filled with group interaction and fun.

**We DO meet when Greenville County Schools are off for Teacher Workdays or Holidays.**


Winter Break Workshops | K4-5th

Mon-Wed, December 20, 21 & 22 | 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM | Lauren Wilson | $135 Sold Out! Email Jill to be added to wait list.
Mon-Wed, December 27, 28 & 29 | 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM | Lauren Wilson | $135 Sold Out! Email Jill to be added to wait list.

So… Mom and Dad don’t have a break even though your school does.  Come to SCCT and play with us!  Games and activities are designed to keep students engaged and entertained with exercises and activities used in our regular session classes exploring group problem solving, being seen and heard in front of an audience, areas of the stage, and character development, etc.  These classes are meant to engage the child in a group environment, but are also to allow the parent some guilt free time to get their own work/appointments or shopping 😉 done. These classes are more general and aren’t themed per day, but will allow for a range of ages/interests and may also include craft time. Designed to keep excited kids active and having fun the week between school and big holidays. There will be no “sharing” for parents, just a bunch of socialization and interaction for the younger set.

**Please provide a nut-free snack and beverage as well as a packed lunch for your child.


Fall classes are closed for registration, Winter Session on sale.

Process Acting | 1st-5th  

Mondays, Sept 13-Nov 15 | 4:15 – 5:15 PM | Mia Phillips | $160
Mondays, Sept 13-Nov 15 | 6:30 – 7:30 PM | Lauren Wilson | $160
Tuesdays, Sept 14-Nov 16 | 6:30 – 7:30 PM | Molly Grey Davis | $160
Wednesdays, Sept 15-Nov 17 | 4:15 – 5:15 PM | Lauren Wilson | $160
Sept 15-Nov 17 | 5:45 – 6:45 PM | Nathan Pittack | $160
Saturdays, Sept 18-Nov 20 | 11:00 AM – Noon | Lexie West | $160

Get a taste of stardom and explore the process of theatre training through high-energy theatre games, improvisation and activities. Create characters, explore dramatic interpretation of classic stories, learn lingo and challenge your imagination and hone projection and articulation skills while engaging the body in purposeful physical expression. Some at home memorization required.

Please note: progression through acting classes is not like progressing through grade levels of school.  Many children simply enjoy the kinesthetic learning and team building aspects of drama class. Your child should be enthusiastic about their participation and should only move to a higher-level class when they have mastered core components and are seeking further challenge. In general, we suggest a minimum of two full semesters of Process level classes before moving to Intermediate level classes.  Students should be able to: name the parts of the stage, use abbreviations for stage directions, be able to define basic theatrical terms, understand CROoWw, be familiar with Lessac energies and Laban qualities as well as wanting to be given more responsibilities/homework and be willing to repeat material weekly for rehearsal. Your current SCCT teacher is always the best reference for whether your child is ready to move up and you should email them regarding your child’s progression if you have questions.

Voice-Over Acting – Improve Reading & Expression | 3rd-6th

Tuesdays, Sept 14-Nov 16 | 5:30 – 6:30 PM | Lauren Wilson | $160 Sold Out

Every cartoon or animated feature you’ve ever seen and almost every commercial has a voice-over performer!  And reading out loud is a skill every child needs to hone for book reports and class presentations.  Fear of public speaking is the number one phobia for adults.  Let’s fix that now! A great class to improve verbal expression and reading skills overall, but your child will have fun while doing it and no lines to memorize!

Improv! – Acting without a Script | 3rd-6th

Thursdays, Sept 16-Nov 18 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM | Mia Phillips | $160

Be bold! This class is focused on improvisation training and performance.  The objective is for the actor to become comfortable in acting without a script.  Benefits for the beginning, intermediate, new and returning student actors are:

  • Working as an independent actor, exploring all areas of acting without a script
  • Working in groups and learning how to “think on your feet” and perform without self-judgment.

A good class for those who want to further their scene study skills, character development skills, and stretch and explore their imagination and creativity.  Improvisation training improves performance skills– allowing students to receive all information around them before making choices of their own.  Be prepared to laugh and to laugh at yourself too!

3rd Stage Process Intensive | 1st-6th

Thursdays, Sept 16-Nov 18 | 4:30 – 5:30 PM | Traysie Amick | $160

Actors who have already auditioned AND participated in 3rd Stage in prior semesters, will find this class a stimulating compliment to the skills that 3rd Stage requires.  We will review concepts that are explored during the rehearsal process and find new ways to apply those skills to monologue and smaller scenes.  Activities will inspire actors to make new choices and step out of their comfort-zones. The review will fortify confidence so that actors can approach any rehearsal with a sense of joy and clear intention.  Reconnect with old cast-mates and discover new partners in art while waiting for the 3rd Stage experience in the Spring.

Musical Theatre – Best of Hamilton | 1st-6th

Thursdays, Sept 16-Nov 18 | 4:15 – 5:15 PM | Chelsea LaCourse & Jessica Smith | $175
SOLD OUT! Email Jill to be added to the wait list.

Musical theatre training for performance—you don’t have to read music, but should enjoy singing and basic dance. Learning very basic music terminology and basic movement/staging for a song, will help youngsters feel more comfortable at a musical audition. The class will focus on ensemble musical theatre material taking our inspiration from the Broadway and Disney+ phenomenon, HAMILTON. Due to social distancing guidelines, the choreography will be done primarily in place and really allow for each student to “sell the song.” All selected material will be appropriate for this age group.

All Colors of the Spectrum | 2nd-5th

Tuesdays, Sept 14-Nov 16 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM | Traysie Amick | $160

A class for kids with processing or developmental challenges.

This class is for all of those creative minds out there who may feel unsure that performance arts class is a good fit for their needs.  Though activities that are modified to allow for processing and developmental challenges we will explore many aspects of theatre arts.  A small class size ensures a setting for students to get more individual attention.  Instructors encourage parents and caregivers to provide information about behaviors, interests, and language that is commonly used in the home to create a safe and productive learning environment for each participant.  Please email [email protected] ahead of the first day with info you care to share.

We begin with a focus on storytelling and collaboration.  This will allow us to devise original short sketches that will ultimately be performed by the end of the session.  Those who are comfortable with the idea of performing will be cast in leading roles.  Those who may need more time to warm up to being in front of an audience will have opportunities in supporting ensemble roles and technical theatre aspects so that we all work together to create an experience for an audience of family and friends to enjoy at the end of our classes.