Fall Classes | Grades 1-6

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All Colors of the Spectrum | Grades 4 and Up

Wednesdays | September 16-November 18 | 5:15-6:15 PM | Traysie Amick | $100

A class for kids with processing or developmental challenges.

This class is for all of those creative minds out there who may feel unsure that performance arts class is a good fit for their needs. Though activities that are modified to allow for processing and developmental challenges we will explore many aspects of theatre arts. A small class size ensures a setting for students to get more individual attention. Instructors encourage parents and caregivers to provide information about behaviors, interests, and language that is commonly used in the home to create a safe and productive learning environment for each participant. Please email [email protected] ahead of the first day with info you care to share.

We begin with a focus on storytelling and collaboration. This will allow us to devise original short sketches that will ultimately be performed by the end of the session. Those who are comfortable with the idea of performing will be cast in leading roles. Those who may need more time to warm up to being in front of an audience will have opportunities in supporting ensemble roles and technical theatre aspects so that we all work together to create an experience for an audience of family and friends to enjoy at the end of our classes. (TBD whether this will be in-person or via video link.)


Process Acting | Multiple Ages (see individual class listings below)

Mondays | September 14-November 16 | Grades 1-5 | 4:15-5:15 PM | Mia Phillips | $155
Mondays | September 14-November 16 | Grades 1-5 | 6:30-7:30 PM | Lauren Wilson | $155
Wednesdays | September 16-November 18 | Grades 1-5 | 4:00-5:00 PM | Traysie Amick | $155
Thursdays | September 17-November 19 | Grades 1-5 | 5:00-6:00 PM | Mia Phillips | $155

Get a taste of stardom and explore the process of theatre training through high-energy theatre games, improvisation and activities with very limited memorization required. Create characters, explore dramatic interpretation of classic stories, learn lingo and challenge your imagination and expression. Every class will include a variety of dramatic activities and training styles. Since there’s no play to rehearse, every class is fresh and exciting.

These classes are especially good for students:

  • who have limited acting class experience (rehearsing a final showcase doesn’t allow much time for improving the basics of acting)
  • who are most interested in honing acting skills
  • who may have many after-school activities to balance and don’t have time for a lot of at-home memorization
  • who become bored with repetition
  • whose parents are very busy people with limited at-home time to drill lines for performance or time to create a costume for the final showcase

Please note: progression through acting classes is different from progressing through grade levels of school. Many children simply enjoy the kinesthetic learning and team building aspects of drama class. Your child should be enthusiastic about their participation and should only move to a higher-level class when they have mastered core components and are seeking further challenge. In general, we suggest a minimum of two full semesters of Process level classes before moving to Intermediate level classes.


VIRTUAL Voice Over Acting | Grades 3-7

Tuesdays | September 8-November 10 | 4:15-5:00 PM | Lauren Wilson | $100

Every cartoon or animated feature you’ve ever seen and almost every commercial has a voice-over performer! And reading out loud is a skill every child needs to hone for book reports and class presentations. Fear of public speaking is the number one phobia for adults. Let’s fix that now! A great class to improve verbal expression and reading skills overall, but your child will have fun while doing it and no lines to memorize. And since we’re doing this one virtually, your student will also get to learn a bit about sound editing!

VIRTUAL CLASS STUDENTS should have a space near your computer/tablet with limited distractions that allows room for movement within view of the camera (it’s best to prepare this BEFORE the first class). Every effort should be made to have snack and go to the bathroom BEFORE class time. Parents, please treat this like a regular class. It is most helpful if a parent is close by to help with connection problems if needed.

We will send you any specific supplies your student should have access to during class times (notebook/pencil, coloring materials, etc.) in the reminder email about a week before your class starts. The link to join the class will also be included in your reminder email.


Sing! Disney | K5-3rd Grade

Mondays | September 14-November 16 | 5:15-6:15 PM | Lauren Wilson | $155
VIRTUAL | Wednesdays | September 9-November 11 | 4:15-5:00 PM | Lauren Wilson | $100

Group musical theatre training for performance—you don’t have to read music, but should enjoy singing and moving. The class will focus on ensemble musical theatre material from favorite Disney movies!

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t already know songs from musicals, we’ll teach them and they get to learn new favorites! Some theatre exercises and activities are used each session, but teachers are sensitive to the needs of returning students, so these classes are appropriate to take several times in order to further hone developing skills.


Musical Theatre: Best of Hamilton | Grades 2-6

Thursdays | September 17-November 19 | 4:15-5:15 PM | Lauren Imhoff and Chelsea LaCourse | $175

Musical theatre training for performance—you don’t have to read music, but should enjoy singing and basic dance. Learning very basic music terminology and basic movement/staging for a song, will help youngsters feel more comfortable at a musical audition. The class will focus on ensemble musical theatre material taking our inspiration from the Broadway and Disney+ phenomenon, HAMILTON. Due to social distancing guidelines, the choreography will be done primarily in place and really allow for each student to “sell the song”. All selected material will be appropriate for this age group.


3rd Stage Process Intensive | K5-5th Grade

Tuesdays | September 15-November 16 | 5:00-6:15 PM | Traysie Amick | $175

Actors who have experience in our 3rd Stage productions will find this class a stimulating compliment to the skills that began to develop in our class rehearsals. We will review concepts that are explored during the rehearsal process and find new ways to apply those skills to monologue and smaller scenes.

Activities will inspire actors to make new choices and step out of their comfort zones. The review will fortify confidence so that actors can approach any rehearsal with a sense of joy and clear intention.  Reconnect with old cast-mates and discover new partners in art. Space is limited so that we can maintain safe distances and offer individual attention to participants while we wait to reintroduce our regular 3rd Stage Production class in 2021.