Fall Classes Are Underway!



FALL 2020, During a Time of Uncertainty

SCCT is thrilled to offer our super-popular Fall Semester, both IN-PERSON as well as VIRTUALLY—take your pick! Every age group has access to both in-person and virtual programming, to suit each family’s unique needs and to keep all students and their families safe.

As well, we are positioned well to shift to all virtual programming, should SC be put under a mandatory lock-down. No child will have to drop out of the class, as the class day and time will remain the same and the teacher will pick up exactly where they left off, via Zoom! Because of this accommodation, no refunds will be issued should all classes shift to the virtual platform. The plan for end-of-semester Sharings (either as a video link or in-person) will be determined in early November.


Safety Measures
  • SCCT will follow the Greenville County Schools requirement for everyone, teachers AND students, to wear face masks in the building.
  • Our staff will also meet cars at the curb for drop-off and pick-up, checking temperatures of everyone entering the building.
  • No parents will be allowed in the building and social distancing will be maintained within classes.
  • As well, each student will be required to wash their hands upon entering the building, and all surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between classes.
  • Click here to view our Fall Class Guidelines Related to COVID-19.
  • Click here to view our General Classes Information and FAQs.


About SCCT’s Education Program

Established in 1992, SCCT’s Theatre Arts Conservatory is a year-round program for students ages 3-18.  The format includes Advanced-Level Studios, Intermediate, Process, Musical Theatre, Story Drama and Exploration Classes, as well as Specialty Classes & Workshops.  Each format offers unique games, activities and challenges for the theatre student.

It is our belief that theatre arts training is like any other form of training, the more you do it, the better you get.  Just as a dancer takes class after class of ballet; or a soccer player trains year after year with a team; theatre arts training is most effective when the student is repeatedly exposed to vocabulary, theories, and exercises.  At SCCT, we hope to provide a variety of creative opportunities that encourage creative thinking, develop verbal and social skills and bolster self-esteem. Skills needed for any job, not just acting.