October’s QUEST


October is a princess. But a reluctant one.

She loves her mother and father the Queen and King, but feels she’s just not right for the role she’s expected to play as their daughter – poised, polished and perfect.

She prefers climbing trees to midday tea and racing horses to running a kingdom. Her sparkly dress doesn’t feel quite right, and she’s at a loss as to what she can offer to the world, that’s special and unique.

Her question for meaning turns to a quest as she embarks on an adventure where she’ll have to be brave, smart, kind and – most importantly – true to who she is.

Come and be a part of the story, and travel along with October! Pirates, dragons and other reasons for bravery will meet you along the way, but what you’ll discover will be priceless, and the reward—sweet!

October 23-31, 2020

SCCT’s Outdoor Performance Space | 153 Augusta Street, Downtown Greenville

Perfect for ages 3-6