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SCCT Bullying Prevention Programs are funded by the TD Charitable Foundation.

SCCT’s Bullying Prevention aligns with and is clearly linked to the South Carolina Standards for Health and Safety Education, Safe and Drug Free Schools, and South Carolina Guidance Curriculum Standards.

Thanks to our efforts in securing grant funding, we are able to offer the following programs at a greatly discounted rate to Greenville County Public Schools. ALL GRANT FUNDS HAVE BEEN ALLOTTED AT THIS TIME FOR 2017.

Our Sixth Grade Workshops are still available at our regular rates. All available Elementary Tour dates have been booked for 2017. Reservations for next year will begin in April 2018.

Elementary Bullying Prevention Touring Production

The show, The Boy Who Cried Bully, is a 50-minute production with a question and answer session immediately following the performance. Based on the famous Aesop’s Fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, it is a script that teaches as well as entertains. The target audience is 3rd grade, with an audience size of 100-250. This script lays the foundation for the continued Bullying Prevention efforts at the Middle School level and provides the elementary aged audience with a specific action plan should they be confronted by a bully. It also stresses the idea that bullying comes in many forms. SCCT will also provide a “Bully Box” for the school – a confidential place for students to leave notes for teachers/administrators about bullying they have seen or been affected by.


All SCCT secured grant funding for Greenville County Public Schools has been allotted for 2017. All available Tour Dates have been booked for 2017. Reservations for next year will begin in April 2018


6th Grade Bullying Prevention Workshop

Bullying Prevention workshops are conducted by trained adult facilitators. Workshops are provided to individual classes in order to serve all sixth grade students in one school day. The workshop is thought provoking, engaging, educational and memorable for the students and includes dramatic role-play so students can their responses in a simulated bullying situation. The facilitators offer information, address the issues of bullying, and offer ways to change student’s thinking and behavior with regard to bullying in all of its forms.


All SCCT secured grant funding for Greenville County Public Schools has been allotted for 2017. This program can still be booked at our regular rate of $50 per workshop. Please download one of  following applications to reserve your spot today. Greenville County Public Schools, Greenville County Private Schools, Out of County Schools. For additional information or booking requests, please contact Lauren Imhoff.

“The program was not only funny, but very thought provoking and educational for our students. The performance kept the students interested and engaged and presented Bullying information in a way that 6th grade students could relate. It was also a tremendous advantage for our students to get the follow-up in-class workshops. They were engaging and entertaining all the while communicating pertinent issues related to Bullying. I heard nothing but positive from students and teachers.”
Darcy Storm, Guidance Counselor
Sevier Middle School

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