Daytime School Performances


South Carolina Children’s Theatre brings wonder and excitement to the stage through our five annual MainStage productions, oftentimes based on classic children’s literature. Each season, we offer daytime school performances for some of our MainStage shows and all of our 2nd Stage productions. These are ideal for class field trips! PLEASE NOTE: Daytime school performances are available to educational institutions only.




Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical


Show Dates: February 7, 14, 21 | $10 per person | Run Time: Approx. 60 minutes | Most Enjoyed By Ages: K3-3rd grade | Location: Salvation Army Kroc Center

Based on the beloved Caldecott Honor-winning picture book, Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical is filled with adventure, song and dancing laundry and an instant children’s classic! Six-time Emmy Award winner, Mo Willems, teams up with Grammy Award-winning composer, Michael Silversher, to create this heart-warming and hilarious musical. Trixie, her father, and her favorite stuffed bunny set off on a trip to the Laundromat. The trip brings wonder, excitement and joy to the lively toddler until she realizes that she has left her Knuffle Bunny back at the laundromat. Trixie does everything in her power to make her father understand the emergency, but her father fails to see the issue at hand. This brilliant, true-to-life tale is the epitome of children’s theatre, the story itself already proclaimed a “kid favorite.”

Based on the book Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems, Published by Hyperion Books for Children, Script and Lyrics by Mo Willems, Music by Michael Silversher (Music Theatre International).


Amazing Grace

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Show Dates: March 13, 20, 27 | $10 per person | Run Time: Approx. 60 minutes | Most Enjoyed By Ages: 1st-7th grades | Location: Salvation Army Kroc Center

In the words of Shay Youngblood, “Amazing Grace is about a little girl who loves acting out stories, those told and read to her by her grandmother as well as ones she reads on her own. She also makes up her own stories, acting out the most exciting parts. When Grace is in her play world everything to her is real. In her imagination, she becomes the characters: Anansi the Spider, Joan of Arc, Mowgli, Hiawatha. She’s a pirate with a peg leg and a parrot, an explorer, and a theater director of a production of ‘Cinderella’ in which she casts a boy in the title role. Grace’s mother is very practical and hopes that Grace will become a doctor, a lawyer or a professional person given the opportunities she herself didn’t have. Her grandmother, Nana, believes that Grace can be whatever she wants to be. Grace is told by two of her classmates that she can’t be Peter Pan in the school play because she is a girl and because she is African American. In the end, Grace shows us that she can indeed do anything she sets her mind to. Experience the power of storytelling passed down from generation to generation. Celebrate the courage to be who you wish to be, learning that boundaries do not define you.

By Shay Youngblood. Adapted from the book by Mary Hoffman. (Dramatic Publishing)




All MainStage Daytime School Performances AND WAITLISTS are full at this time. Daytime School Performances for our 2020-2021 season, IN OUR NEW BUILDING ON AUGUSTA ST, will be open for reservations in April 2020.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Show Dates: December 4, 5, 6 | $10 per person | Run Time: Approx. 47 minutes | Most Enjoyed By Ages: K4-5th grade | Location: Peace Center Gunter Theatre

The Peanuts gang is celebrating the season – writing letters to Santa Claus, hanging decorations, addressing cards – and everyone in town is excited about Christmas. Everyone, that is, except Charlie Brown. For Charlie, the commercialization of this special holiday has become too much to bear. When he’s named as the director of the annual Christmas play, he does his level best to bring the meaning of Christmas to the forefront, but meets with barriers at every turn. When it seems like all hope is lost, Charlie Brown is surprised to see the spirit of Christmas comes to life in his friends.

One of the most recognized and cherished stories of the Holiday season, A Charlie Brown Christmas reminds us all that there is only one true meaning of Christmas. *This is an exact adaptation from the television special. The character of Linus does quote the Gospel of Luke.

By Charles M. Schultz; Based on the Television Special by Bill Melendez and Lee Mendleson; Stage Adaptation by Eric Schaeffer by Special Arrangement with Arthur Whitelaw and Ruby Persson


The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Show Dates: January 24, 31 | $10 per person | Run Time: Approx. 75 minutes | Most Enjoyed By Ages: 3rd-8th grades | Location: Peace Center Gunter Theatre

This new dramatization of C.S. Lewis’ classic, set in the land of Narnia, faithfully recreates the magic and mystery of Aslan, the great lion, his struggle with the White Witch, and the adventures of four children who inadvertently wander from an old wardrobe into the exciting, never-to-be-forgotten Narnia. The intense action features chases, duels and escapes as the witch is determined to keep Narnia in her possession and to end the reign of Aslan. All the memorable episodes from the story are represented in this exciting dramatization: the temptation of Edmund by the witch, the slaying of the evil wolf by Peter, the witnessing of Aslan’s resurrection by Susan and Lucy, the crowning of the four new rulers of Narnia, and more. The supporting characters are also here: the unicorn, the centaur and other forest animals, along with Father Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and Tumnus the Faun. This story of love, faith, courage and giving, with its triumph of good over evil, is a true celebration of life.

Dramatized by Joseph Robinette from the story by C.S. Lewis(Dramatic Publishing)


Curious George: The Golden Meatball

Show Dates: April 24, May 1 | $10 per person | Run Time: Approx. 60 minutes | Most Enjoyed By Ages: K$-5th grade | Location: Peace Center Gunter Theatre

Curious George is back and ready to cook as he helps Chef Pisghetti get ready for his once-a-year All-You-Can-Eat Meatball Day! But a new, corner-cutting meatball maker intercepts Pisghetti’s crowd and ruins the day. Admitting defeat, Pisghetti announces he will hang up his apron for good. But George believes his friend is the best meatball chef, and decides to enter him in the Golden Meatball Contest to prove it. When Pisghetti gets lost on his way to the contest, George must stand in for him, and cook the meatballs on his own. The determined little monkey tries his very hardest, but can he help win the contest without the Pisghetti’s super-secret ingredient? This story of encouragement, determination and selfless love will warm hearts and tummies alike!

Music by John Kavanaugh; Book and Lyrics by Jeremy Desmon; Based on the Books by Margret and H.A. Rey and the Play Owned by Universal Stage Productions