Spring Classes 2022 – Workshops

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COVID PROTOCOLS Updated April 24, 2022

SCCT remains committed to the health and safety of our students. When we opened enrollment for our spring classes, the CDC was recommending indoor-mask wearing. The CDC has since adjusted its guidance and now makes county-specific recommendations based on a new formula. More information can be found here:https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
Greenville County and the surrounding counties are categorized in the “low” community level. In this category, the CDC no longer recommends masks be worn indoors and instead encourages individuals to make the choice they feel is best for them. We have worked hard to follow CDC guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic. As such, we are making the decision to adjust our mask policy in all SCCT classes. Masks will now be optional, but recommended, especially for those who are unvaccinated and/or immunocompromised.
We will continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to make adjustments to this policy.

Due to limited space for audiences in our classrooms, we will record the end-of-semester “sharing” for all classes and send parent’s the video link allowing each family to celebrate their child’s performance at a time convenient for everyone in the family and making it possible to easily share with distant family members. Our “sharings” are informal performances. Our goal is to engage the students in preparing for the low-pressure performance, without causing undo anxiety and also not spending every minute of class time solely repeating rehearsals. The “sharings” will not be highly polished and will be very low tech as our primary goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable class experience, filled with group interaction and fun.