Spring Semester 2020

Please check back for a complete Spring 2020 schedule.


Please note all of our classes will be located at our  Temporary Headquarters
at 1200 Pendleton Street, Greenville, SC 29611.

All classes will skip the week of Greenville County Public Schools SPRING BREAK – 



Each student must have an Authorization/Release Form on file. You may email your completed form or bring it to the first class.

Refunds/Cancellation If you cancel no later than 10 days before your first class, tuition less a $30 class cancellation fee will be refunded. If you cancel less than 10 days before class begins, no refund or credit will be issued. Fees for classes cannot be transferred to other sessions. SCCT reserves the right to cancel classes that have not met enrollment minimums before the first class. Classes, faculty, and schedule are subject to change.


Established in 1992, SCCT’s Theatre Arts Conservatory is a year-round program for students ages 3-18.  The format includes Advanced-Level Studios, Intermediate, Production, Process, Musical Theatre, Story Drama and Exploration Classes, as well as Workshops.  Each format offers unique games, activites and challenges for the theatre student.

It is our belief that theatre arts training is like any other form of training, the more you do it, the better you get.  Just as a dancer takes class after class of ballet; or a soccer player trains year after year with a team; theatre arts training is most effective when the student is repeatedly exposed to vocabulary, theories, and exercises.  At SCCT, we hope to provide a variety of creative opportunities that encourage creative thinking, develop verbal and social skills and bolster self esteem.

Drama is a fundamental tool in developing an understanding of the ideas, attitudes, beliefs and feelings of people in different circumstances, cultures and times.  As such, it is basic to the education of all children.  The emphasis on developmental processes and activity-oriented methods develops powerful modes of learning that are applicable to all areas of academic curriculum.  The study of drama is basic in educating the emotions for controlled use, strengthening the imagination for creative self-expression, disciplining the voice and body for purposeful use, and providing an understanding and critical appreciation for theatre arts.

PROGRESSION OF LEARNING A student enters classes appropriate to his/her grade level and interest (Exploration, Story Drama, Process or Musical Theatre).  For most students one hour of class per week is plenty.  They begin to understand performance, ensemble and analysis as it relates to theatre arts.  As they learn and hone skills, they will be given more to do on their own.  Beginning classes are geared for fun at all grade levels, but the student will be given tasks for which s/he is responsible–memorizing a part, rehearsing a mime skit, preparing basic character work.   Individual outside work makes class time more productive and fun for the whole class.

Younger students who continue to be interested in drama will continue to take Exploration or Process classes (for at least a year and then should progress to a Production class (again for a year). Classes should not be hurried through. Performance skills take time to develop. Sometimes theatre “games” are used in more than one class, but the student will be gaining skills that make the games different every time they are played. The instructor is the best judge of developmental stages, and if a student is not being challenged, the instructor will be the first to suggest a class shift. It is difficult at this level for a student to understand what s/he doesn’t know.

All classes will skip the week of Greenville County Public Schools SPRING BREAK – 

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