Who We Are: Lauren Imhoff, Tour Manager and School Liaison

As Tour Manager and School Liaison, Lauren Imhoff is responsible for making sure that SCCT reaches children and families that might otherwise never know the joy of live theatre.

Through her efforts, SCCT has served more than 110 South Carolina schools in the past five years alone.

She first took the SCCT stage as Lucy in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and this month Lauren has been choreographing for Ella Enchanted The Musical on our MainStage.

Here’s what all she had to share in a recent interview:

Q: What 3 adjectives best describe you? 

Driven, compassionate, energetic

Q: What was your first encounter with SCCT? 

I have always loved musical theatre. I studied Musical Theatre at Elon University and crossed paths with Betsy Bisson through Flat Rock Playhouse in 2006. Skip ahead to 2013- my husband and I were toying with relocating to Greenville, SC. I called Betsy and asked about the theatre scene and at that time SCCT was looking for a choreographer for their production of Annie.

I was thrilled to receive the offer, we moved that summer. I fell in love with SCCT and am happy to call it a second home.

Q: What’s your motto? 

If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.

Q: Chocolate or vanilla? 

Chocolate, there is nothing like a warm brownie or cupcake on a special occasion.

Q: What’s the first role you ever played anywhere?

My first role was Annie in Annie. I had trained in dance and sung in the church choir growing up but had never been onstage in a musical. A family friend told my mom I should audition for the production and I agreed knowing that the classic Annie film was one of my favorites. I auditioned and made it through the first round, then callbacks, then got the call that I had been cast and the leading lady. That show sparked the love I still have for musical theatre and ultimately started my career as a performer.

Q: What’s your favorite role you’ve ever played? 

I was privileged to travel the United States as a part of the National Tour of The Wizard Of Oz. I was cast in the ensemble playing fun characters like a lullaby league munchkin, spell bound poppy, elegant Ozian (see photo), and a zany jitterbug. I also was an understudy to Dorothy and when I performed her role it was a dream come true. I’ll never forget stepping into that role. The tour was booked at the Peace Center and performing on that stage, the venue I grew up seeing shows at, was magical.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job? 

Working with a wide age range of individuals.

I love teaching elementary students musical theatre but have just as much fun working with the teens and adults with our 2nd Stage and MainStage productions. The joys of live theatre can be felt at any age and it’s always exciting to see individuals find that light in themselves, no matter what age.

Q: If you were a bug, what would you be? 

Not a big fan of bugs… I’d rather be a red panda bear, fun and playful but loves to curl up for a long nap every once in a while.