Field Trips

What do you get?

Each season, SCCT offers field trip opportunities to attend various titles on the Bell Stage and Younts Stage.

Cost: $10 per person– all students, teachers, chaperones and bus drivers wishing to watch the performance need a ticket.

Regardless of the entire group size, there must be a MINIMUM ratio of 1 adult for every 15 students. Please review the age ranges for each production.

SCCT also provides limited free tickets to Title I Greenville County schools and underestimated communities.

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Free Ticket Program

SCCT is proud to offer a range of accessible ticket initiatives to ensure that all community members can enjoy our performances. We believe in the power of theatre to unite and enrich our community.

-Free Field Trip Tickets for Title 1 Greenville County schools
-Free and discounted tickets for partner community organizations serving underestimated communities.
-Pay What You Can tickets for every show, enabling patrons to purchase tickets for as little as $1.

To learn more about these initiatives or to join our community partner list, please email our Box Office at
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Weekday Performance Schedule

Review each title, description, and grade recommendations.

Balloonacy - Field Trips


  • K3 and up
  • Younts Stage - limit 120 seats
  • 9/19/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 9/19/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 9/20/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 9/20/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 9/26/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 9/26/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 9/27/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 9/27/2024 at 11:45 AM
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A red balloon drifts through the window of an elderly man and then hilarity ensues in this sweet, inventive production by Barry Kornhouser. Actor and SCCT Teaching Artist, Jesse Siak will exude the playfulness of his Charlie Chaplin-like character experiencing the winding path of building a friendship. A laugh-filled treat, this show is a delight for both preschoolers and parents! 

Caterpillar - Field Trips

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

  • Ages K3 and up
  • Bell Stage - limit 295 seats
  • 1/30/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 1/30/2025 at 11:45 AM
  • 1/31/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 1/31/2025 at 11:45 AM
  • 2/6/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 2/6/2025 at 11:45 AM
  • 2/7/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 2/7/2025 at 11:45 AM
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Back by popular demand, this season’s production of THE VERY HUNGRY CATEPILLAR SHOW will also feature BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, and a new tale - THE VERY LONELY FIREFLY. This colorful and engaging production promises to delight once again with its puppetry spectacle straight out of the popular children’s books.  This will be a must-see production of little ones possibly enjoying their first live theatre performance!

Junie - Field Trips

Junie B. Jones The Musical

  • K5 and up
  • Bell Stage - limit 295 seats
  • 10/3/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 10/3/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 10/4/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 10/4/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 10/10/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 10/10/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 10/11/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 10/11/2024 at 11:45 AM
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Experience the ups and downs of friendship, a heated kickball tournament and other hilarious adventures of the spunky Junie B. This enchanting adaptation of Barbara Park’s original book is full of catchy songs, laughter and is a fun-filled reminder of the joys and challenges of childhood!

Carmela 1 - Field Trips

Carmela Full of Wishes

  • 1st grade and up
  • Younts Stage - limit 120 seats
  • 10/31/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 10/31/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 11/1/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 11/1/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 11/7/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 11/7/2024 at 11:45 AM
  • 11/8/2024 at 9:45 AM
  • 11/8/2024 at 11:45 AM
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It's Carmela's birthday and she is overjoyed because she's finally old enough to tag along with her big brother as he does the family errands! As they make their way through town, Carmela finds a lone dandelion in the pavement. Before she can blow its white fluff away, her brother tells her she has to make a wish. Now, with the help of her brother, she has to think of just the right wish. Join Carmela in this story that celebrates hope, family, and the power of a wish.

Listen - Field Trips


  • 3rd Grade and Up
  • Younts Stage - seat limit 70
  • 4/10/2025 at 10:00 AM
  • 4/11/2025 at 10:00 AM
  • 4/16/2025 at 10:00 AM
  • 4/17/2025 at 10:00 AM
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Set at a high school dance, LISTEN brings the phenomenon of the “silent disco” to the stage in an innovative and interactive experience no one else in the country is offering! Audiences will be swept up, not only in the mystery of the story, but also the technical wizardry it takes to tell it.

Alice - Field Trips


  • 3rd Grade and up
  • Bell Stage - limit 295 seats
  • 2/27/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 2/27/2025 at 11:45 AM
  • 2/28/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 2/28/2025 at 11:45 AM
  • 3/6/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 3/6/2025 at 11:45 AM
  • 3/7/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 3/7/2025 at 11:45 AM
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Embark on a whimsical trip through Wonderland with ALICE, an SCCT original adaptation of a classic tale. Alice’s world will come to life like never before, as iconic characters like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and others lead the audience through adventures of self-discovery and empowerment.

Pageant - Field Trips

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical

  • K5 and up
  • Bell Stage - limit 295 seats
  • 12/5/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 12/6/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 12/12/2025 at 9:45 AM
  • 12/13/2025 at 9:45 AM
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The story of the Herdmans comes to life in a new, musical version never before seen on the SCCT stage!  Adapted from the play by Barbara Robinson, and written by Jahnna Beachman and Malcolm Hillgartner, this holiday treat is for all ages.  The rambunctious Herdman gang lies, steals, bullies other kids, and even smokes smelly cigars. The only safe place to hide from them used to be church.  This changes when the entire “herd” shows up in search of pizza, cookies and Hawaiian Punch, and ends up in the Christmas pageant. Grace, the novice director in the play, is torn between getting rid of the Herdmans, or letting them stay at the risk of producing the worst pageant in the history of the world.  This night at the theatre should be a part of any family’s holiday plans!

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