South Carolina Children’s Theatre holds open auditions for each of its productions at SCCT headquarters (1200 Pendleton St). This means that ANYONE can audition and yes, first-timers are often cast–adults as well as children.  You don’t have to have previous acting experience, you don’t have to be taking classes with us–ANYONE willing to make the time commitment it takes to get a show ready for performance is welcome to audition.  The auditions vary based on the type of show, the cast needed, and the director’s requirements. Therefore, you will need to check the Audition Details (below) for the specific production you are interested in. We cast age-appropriately–so adults are cast in adult roles and kids in kid roles.  Some productions may have adults performing as children if the demands of the show warrant it.  For example, if the show will tour to schools as part of our Elementary Tour, it makes sense to cast actors who are not enrolled in school.  Musicals typically require most (but sometimes not all) characters to sing, but almost all musicals have an Ensemble of actors who sing together.  The only costs involved in participation are script fees (but you get to keep your script) or if you choose to buy a cast shirt–there is no ‘participation fee.’


2019-20 MainStage Season Audition Schedule










SCCT has an exciting season of MainStage productions ahead for it’s 2020-2021 inaugural season in our new permanent home at 153 Augusta St (Downtown Greenville). Stay tuned for audition information for The Cat In The Hat and Annie! Other shows will audition approximately two months prior to the opening date of the show. We hold local auditions for each MainStage show throughout the year and attend the SCTA Unified Auditions each Spring for select roles.

2019-20 2nd Stage Season Audition Schedule

2nd Stage Productions are often chosen to suit multiple occasions for the entertainment and educational needs of our community. Open auditions are not always available for 2nd Stage for this reason. Should an audition be needed it will be listed here.

SCCT has an exciting season of 2nd Stage productions ahead for it’s 2020-2021 inaugural season in our new permanent home at 153 Augusta St (Downtown Greenville). Our 2nd Stage season will get underway in the Fall of 2020–expect to see audition info posted by late August.

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General Audition Information

Audition Preparation

Are you nervous about auditioning? Would you like to be better prepared for an upcoming audition? Take one of our Audition Prep Workshops to help better hone your auditioning skills.

FAQs About Small Children Auditioning

We typically recommend that very young children (pre-K) wait until they are a little older to audition for our MainStage shows.

Our standard rehearsal process requires up to four nights a week from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and tech week (the final week of rehearsal) requires cast members to be at the Gunter Theatre from 6:00 p.m. to potentially 10:00 p.m. every night. We make every effort to release young cast members as early as we can during the rehearsal process, so depending on the age of the cast, rehearsals often end by 8:45-9pm before tech week.  Absenteeism is absolutely not allowed, and very young children are not typically equipped to handle the time commitment.

Each season, some of our MainStage shows will have casting opportunities for elementary-aged children. We encourage all very young children (K3-5th) to watch for auditions with our 2nd Stage, which will have more opportunities for youngsters, including child-friendly rehearsal and performance times.