Who’s Who

Traysie Amick

Principal Teaching Artist

864-235-2885 x111

Andrea Azumendi

Patron Services Manager

864-235-2885 X107

Betsy Bisson

Education Director

864-235-2885 x 111

Anna Bowman

Education Associate

864-235-2885  x105

Joanna Burgess

Assistant Technical Director

Genesis Garza

Technical Director

Matt Giles

Artistic Director

864-235-2885 x108

Vanessa Golding

Office Manager

864-235-2885 x100

Bill Janz

Patron Services Associate

864-235-2885 x103

Meghan Kegeris

Production Stage Manager

864-235-2885 x110

Bethany Kern

Director of Development

864-235-2885 x104

Katie O’Kelly

Managing Director

864-235-2885 x101

Amanda Sox

Marketing and Communications Manager