SCCT in the news – ‘The SpongeBob Musical’ brings underwater fun to South Carolina Children’s Theatre

WYFF's Gabrielle Komorowski gets a glimpse into SpongeBob

Originally published April 12, 2024 by WYFF

“The SpongeBob Musical” is coming to the South Carolina Children’s Theatre in Greenville. From April 26 through May 19, audiences are invited to join SpongeBob and his friends for a Broadway experience.

Matt Giles, the artistic director of the South Carolina Children’s Theatre, shared insights into what the audience can expect. He said contrary to what some might assume, don’t expect to see actors in oversized sponge costumes. Instead, the musical features a professional cast, offering original songs written by renowned artists such as Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, and David Bowie.

Giles emphasized that while the company’s name might suggest otherwise, they are devoted to delivering high-caliber theatrical productions.

“I think sometimes people hear the word ‘children’s theatre’ and they think, you know, a bunch of young people on stage or students on stage, and of course, we have students in this show,” Giles said. “But it’s a really high-quality professional production, and that’s, we hope, indicative of all the work that we do at South Carolina Children’s Theatre so that everybody can come and enjoy themselves and see a variety of stories told on our stages.”

Giles said adults who grew up watching the animated series and children who may be meeting these characters for the first time will enjoy the show.

“It is about the power of friendship. It’s about the importance of belonging,” Giles said.

“It has some of the best performers in the Upstate. In this show, the choreography is out of this world. There are tap dancing numbers, there’s hip hop numbers, there’s traditional musical theatre numbers. We would say it just really runs the gamut,” Giles said.