Theatre Residencies

As part of our education outreach, we can design a series of classes to fit your needs and explore areas of theatre, or other disciplines, by using drama techniques. Residencies can range from a single meeting to multiple weeks to an entire school year. The classes can take place during the school day or as an after-school or community-based drama enrichment program.

We can bring our programs to you!

Residency Selections

All cover SC Curriculum Standards in Language Arts, Social Studies, Modern Classical Language and Theatre:

  • Story Drama – for pre/early readers
  • Acting
  • After School Enrichment
  • Coffee Can Theatre
  • Creative Drama/Exploration
  • Dramatic Reading
  • Improvisation
  • Playwriting


Most residencies will work best with a standard class size of 15 to 30 students. Students will need a class space that encourages expressive movement and an appropriate space for the informal end-of-session performance (for performance based residencies), as well as an adult observer/teacher from the childcare provider/school IN the room during the class.

Paid Residencies

South Carolina Children’s Theatre teaching artists can provide instruction in a one-day or repeating session of classes. Classes can end in an informal performance or be process-based. Residencies can enhance your core curriculum while delving into theatre concepts. These classes are an opportunity to meet state standards while immersing your students in an interactive drama-based class. The cost of the residency may be covered by your school, PTA or other funding source. $100 per hour for up to 30 participants. Discounts are available for a series of classes at the same location with the same students.

  • Partnership Residencies
    Some organizations may elect to charge their students for the programming and then split the income with South Carolina Children’s Theatre. Please refer to the list of available residencies and their costs and determine if those costs are within the range of other programs you offer. The organization will be responsible for the full administration of the program and South Carolina Children’s Theatre will be responsible for class planning and instruction. Contact Betsy Bisson to discuss the development of a new specialized residency to support your planned curriculum.
  • TOPs Residencies for Title One Schools & Not-for-Profit Organizations
    South Carolina Children’s Theatre endeavors to share the magic of theatre with all children by providing programs for disadvantaged or special needs youth to participate in a SCCT sponsored Residency or Workshop. A TOPs Residency Application must be submitted for review and SCCT will notify organizations of their status to work out the Residency specifics.

If you have questions or are ready to reserve your spot in any of these great programs? Please email Education Director, Betsy Bisson to register for your programs of interest.