The class raised $23,811 for YouthBASE and $19,086 for Rebuild Upstate, for a total of $42,897, along with thousands of dollars of in-kind donations and time donations for the projects.

The arts have always played a crucial role in shaping communities, and SCCT is taking it to the next level. SCCT Managing Director Katie O’Kelly recently graduated from Leadership Greenville, an exclusive program to develop and empower community leaders. She graduated alongside SCCT Board Member Debbra Alvarado of the Hispanic Alliance. With her newfound knowledge and skills, O’Kelly is ready to strengthen the impact of South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT) and inspire other nonprofit leaders in the area. Join us as we celebrate this exciting achievement and learn more about how SCCT is making a difference in Greenville through the power of leadership and theatre.

Leadership Greenville, a program offered by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, is known for its rigorous curriculum and hands-on experience in various aspects of leadership. O’Kelly was selected to participate in this prestigious program, and her graduation marks an important milestone for SCCT and the local arts community.

This program gave O’Kelly valuable insights into community development, collaboration, and strategic planning. She also had the opportunity to connect with other leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, sharing knowledge and ideas to drive positive change in our community.

As a nonprofit arts organization, SCCT has always been committed to providing quality theatre education and productions to children in Greenville. O’Kelly’s graduation from Leadership Greenville further reinforces our commitment to shaping our community’s future.

Strong leadership is essential for any organization’s success, especially in the nonprofit sector. O’Kelly’s participation in Leadership Greenville has equipped her with the tools and resources needed to lead SCCT toward even more significant impact and growth.

At SCCT, we know that leadership is not just about titles or positions but about empowering others and creating lasting impact. We are proud of Katie O’Kelly’s journey through Leadership Greenville, and we cannot wait to see how she will continue to inspire others as she leads us forward into a brighter future. Together, we can make Greenville an even more vibrant and creative place for future generations.

GLV lead 63 - SCCT Managing Director Katie O'Kelly Graduates Leadership Greenville
SCCT Board Member Debbra Alvarado of the Hispanic Alliance
GLV lead 124 - SCCT Managing Director Katie O'Kelly Graduates Leadership Greenville
Leadership Greenville's 50th class

To Enhance Theatre Experience for Sensory Sensitive Patrons

The South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT) has been awarded a significant grant from Greenville Women Giving (GWG) to support the theatre’s Transformative Theatre for Sensory Sensitive Families project. 

GWG funds programs that provide an opportunity for important, positive change in Greenville’s Arts, Education, Environment, Health, and Human Service areas.  SCCT will use the grant to purchase Assistive Technology to aid in breaking down the barriers for patrons that experience sensory sensitivities while attending performances. 

“With the purchase of two live feed cameras, viewing screens, side tab curtains for the stage and microphones, we will create open, sensory friendly viewing areas for audiences in both of our theatre’s performance spaces,” said SCCT Artist Director Matt Giles.  “The grant also supports SCCT’s vision to be the most accessible theatre in the state and one of the first in Greenville to offer live feed Assistive Technology,” added Giles.

SCCT believes that art belongs to all.  This includes patrons with disabilities such as sensory sensitivities and neurodiversity.  Examples of sensory sensitivities include: heightened sensitivity to bright lights and noises, increased stress in large crowds or feeling panic in sensory-rich places. “The enhancements from this recent funding will enable us to help educate the public about sensory sensitivities.  This increased awareness will allow us to do what theatre does best – promote empathy and understanding,” commented SCCT Managing Director Katie O’Kelly.  And, because all means all, this investment will also benefit breast feeding mothers, senior patrons, parents with crying children and more.  The new Assistive Technology will be installed, tested and ready for use in the 2024-2025 season.

More About This Accessibility Initiative

SCCT envisions a community where ALL children experience the transformative power of the arts, which nourish creativity, grow empathy, and inspire confidence, which is why we partnered with ABLE SC to complete a feasibility study that identified gaps in inclusivity for patrons with disabilities.

Currently, if a patron has sensory sensitivities and needs to leave the performance space, that patron will miss the entirety of the performance while they are not seated inside our theatre spaces. Assistive Technology can help break down the barriers for patrons who experience sensory sensitivities while viewing our programming by creating sensory-friendly viewing areas to promote inclusivity and ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy the transformative power of theatre.

The South Carolina Arts Commission awarded SCCT a partial matching grant to create these sensory-friendly viewing areas. Greenville Women Giving selected SCCT as an 18th annual grant recipient, allowing us to purchase necessary equipment, such as live-feed cameras, viewing screens, and microphones. The purchase and installation of this Assistive Technology, with the installation help of Productions Unlimited, will help break down the barriers for patrons who experience sensory sensitivities while viewing our programming. 

Investing in this technology to support the neurodiverse community is a moral obligation and a strategic move for the organization as we strive to be the most accessible theatre in South Carolina. 

We believe this is an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding about sensory sensitivities and neurodiversity. Providing an environment accommodating sensory sensitivities can help educate the public about the challenges these individuals may face in everyday situations, including attending theatrical productions. This increased awareness can promote empathy, understanding, and acceptance of neurodiverse individuals.

If you are a donor passionate about these accessibility efforts, please contact Bethany Kern at

Audition for SCCT’s Godspell!

Are you a teen with a passion for musical theatre? Do you dream of stepping onto the stage and bringing iconic characters to life? Then listen up, because the South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT) has an exciting opportunity just for you!

This summer, SCCT is thrilled to present an all-teen production of the beloved musical, Godspell. Led by the infectious energy of “Day by Day” and featuring a lineup of cherished songs, Godspell promises to be a vibrant celebration of music, storytelling, and teenage talent.

Artistic Director Matt Giles is bursting with excitement about this new venture, stating, “We are so excited to provide a performance opportunity over the summer for teenagers from across the Upstate. Our hope is that this program will expand our reach and give even more young people the opportunity to be a part of SCCT.” Giles, along with a talented creative team, is ready to guide young performers through an unforgettable theatrical experience.

About the Show: 


Godspell, conceived and originally directed by John Michael Tebelak with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, is based on The Gospel According to St. Matthew. This contemporary musical tells the story of Jesus Christ and his disciples through a series of parables, using a variety of games, storytelling techniques, and vibrant songs. From the joyful exuberance of “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” to the poignant reflection of “By My Side,” Godspell delivers a powerful message of kindness, tolerance, and love.


audition Details

  • When: Monday, May 20th from 5-7pm
  • Where: SCCT – 153 Augusta Street, Greenville
  • Who: Teen actors entering 7th grade in fall 2024 through age 19
  • Style: Contemporary musical. Requires strong actors and singers who can move well. 
  • Preparation: To audition, prepare a 16-32 bar cut of a musical theatre song. Please bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. Actors who are called back will be given material from the script and score to prepare.
  • Callbacks: May 20th, likely beginning at 7pm. Actors will be notified at their audition if they are invited to callbacks.

Rehearsal and Performance Information

Creative Team:
Directors: Matt Giles and Chloe Wright 
Music Director: Rachel Johnson 
Choreographer: TBD 
Student Director: Julia Orr 

Rehearsal schedule: Rehearsals will begin in late June, depending on cast availability. Rehearsal will typically be held Sundays from 1-6pm and Mondays-Thursdays starting no earlier than 5:00pm and ending no later than 9:30pm. As this is an ensemble musical, most actors will be called to most rehearsals. Tech week begins July 20. 

Performance Dates and Times: July 25, 26, & 27 @ 7pm July 28 @ 2pm 


Roles Available

The show is written for an ensemble of actors. 

Primary roles available are: 

• Jesus—Must be the most charismatic individual in the cast. High energy, charming, funny, gentle but with strength. They are the sort of person others instinctively follow. 

• John The Baptist—Jesus’ lieutenant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. Charismatic, but in more of an overt revolutionary way. The most “serious” and intellectual of the group, though as with all the actors, must still possess a good sense of physical comedy. 

• Nick—Very high energy. Impish and playful.  

• Telly—Not the brightest in the bunch. Contains a great sweetness and innocence. 

• George—The comedian, the class clown. The person who can do a hundred voices and imitations. 

• Anna Maria—Open and sweet. Perhaps the youngest of the group.  

• Lindsay—The confident one, the show-off. The first one to volunteer, sometimes jumping in before fully understanding what’s happening. 

• Uzo—The shy one. Someone who commits all the way. Has a warmth to them. 

• Morgan—Feisty and slightly cynical, the most hip of the group. 

• Celisse—The class clown. Goofy and a cut-up.  

There will also be an ensemble of other actors who play various roles throughout the show.  

To schedule your audition and learn more about the audition process, click the buttons below. If you have any questions, email Artistic Director Matt Giles at 

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary production! Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting outSCCT’s Godspell promises to be an unforgettable experience for teens passionate about theatre. Get ready to sing, dance, and spread the message of love on stage this summer!

What are people saying about The SpongeBob Musical?

"The play was great, with well-defined performances. The music and choreography displayed talent."
"It was amazing!"
"My family and I had a WONDERFUL time at the show! The cast and crew did an amazing job putting on a great experience! The costumes and sets were so well done, and it was obvious that everyone involved put their best into the production."
"The show was amazing!"
"Wonderful production, beautiful theater, amazing staff!"
"This was the first musical I ever attended in person, and I took my six-year-old niece. We had an amazing time! Pricing for tickets, concessions, and souvenirs were reasonably priced. The facilities were very pleasant. She loved playing hopscotch on the sidewalk outside. The costumes and actors were fantastic! Everyone was pleasant and interactive with the audience. I highly recommend this as a family activity and will definitely return!"
"This was such a fun show! I may have loved it more than my kids!"
"The musical was wonderful!"
"As an 80-year-old kid, I think SpongeBob Musical is total entertainment for kids of all ages. Take the family and friends. Don't miss this exceptional cast, singing, dancing, and show."
"Fantastic performance. The tap dance was our favorite! The facility is first class!"
"Wonderful performance!"
"This musical was phenomenal! The actors were superb, the voices were all great, and the dancing was so well done.  It was funny and sweet. The cast was very engaging. My granddaughter and I both loved it."
"Incredible production!  All the cast had amazing talent!!"

Here’s your golden opportunity to enjoy the spectacular performance of The SpongeBob Musical and win big with SCCT!

We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive ticket giveaway contest, where one lucky winner will snag a season ticket package worth $250 or the equivalent of 2 tickets to 7 fantastic shows. Yes, you heard that right! Imagine yourself enjoying the best seats in the house for an entire season of captivating performances. It’s a theatre lover’s dream come true!

How to Enter:

  1. Purchase a Ticket: Secure your spot for The SpongeBob Musical. Choose your preferred showtime and prepare for an unforgettable adventure under the sea.


  2. Strike a Pose: Once you’ve got your ticket, it’s time to show off your excitement! Snap a picture of yourself at the theatre, beaming with anticipation for the show.


  3. Tag Us on Social Media: Share your photo on Facebook or Instagram, and remember to tag us!
    • Facebook: SCChildrensTheatre
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  4. Use Hashtags: Include the hashtags #SCCTSpongeBob and #WinTicketsSCCT37 in your post to ensure your entry is counted.


Contest Rules:

  • Contestants must purchase at least one ticket to The SpongeBob Musical to qualify.
  • Only posts with tagged photos shared on Facebook or Instagram and including the designated hashtags will be eligible.
  • Each participant can submit one entry per ticket purchased.
  • The winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries and announced on our social media channels.
  • The season ticket package is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • SC Children’s Theatre reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest at any time.


Get Ready to Win!

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to win season tickets to SC Children’s Theatre! Gather your friends and family, purchase your tickets to The SpongeBob Musical, and start planning your winning photo. Let’s make memories together and celebrate the magic of live theatre! 

Oh what a night!

Last Friday marked a milestone as audiences flooded into the Bell Stage, buzzing with anticipation for the beloved characters to come to life on stage in The SpongeBob Musical – one of the most ambitious musicals SCCT has ever produced. The risk paid off because the performance was PHENOMENAL. Audiences were captivated from start to finish, cheering on their favorite characters and tapping their feet to the catchy tunes. The talent on stage was undeniable, with actors bringing their A-game to every scene.

But the excitement didn’t stop after the actors left the stage; oh no, it continued into the lobby, where the celebration kicked off in style with sparkling cider, sparkling wine (for the adults), and colorful cookies, adding to the festive mood as theatergoers mingled with the actors and creative team sharing their favorite moments and snapping pictures together. And there were literal fireworks! As the night sky lit up with bursts of color, it was clear that this was a moment to remember. The energy was electric as families, friends, and theatre enthusiasts came together to revel in the success of opening night.

What truly made this production and night so special was the sense of community and joy that filled the theatre. Everyone felt like they were a part of something special, something bigger than themselves. And that’s what theatre is all about – bringing people together and creating unforgettable memories.

You’ll regret missing out on this one

You have three more weekends to see this spectacular show and immerse yourself in the magic! The SpongeBob Musical at SCCT is an experience you won’t want to miss. Its universal appeal and heartwarming message make it the perfect outing for families, friends, and anyone looking for a good time.

Tickets are selling fast, so grab yours today and join in on the fun. Spread the word and share your excitement because, trust me, you’ll want to talk about this show with your friends and family for years to come. See you at the theatre!

At SCCT, creating magical experiences for multigenerational audiences is our specialty, and The SpongeBob Musical is no exception. This underwater extravaganza brings the beloved characters of Bikini Bottom to life in a colorful and energetic production that’s sure to entertain audiences of all ages. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the cartoon or a newcomer to the world of SpongeBob SquarePants, here’s why The SpongeBob Musical is a must-see for everyone in the family.

Perfect for Younger Children

From the moment the curtain rises, The SpongeBob Musical captivates young imaginations with its vibrant characters, catchy tunes, and whimsical storytelling. The colorful costumes and larger-than-life set design transport children to the underwater world of Bikini Bottom, where they can join SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and the rest of the gang on an unforgettable adventure.

But it’s not just the visuals that appeal to younger audiences— the musical’s themes of friendship, bravery, and optimism resonate with children on a deeper level. Through the characters’ escapades, kids learn valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and embracing what makes them unique. Plus, with its fast-paced action and lively choreography, The SpongeBob Musical keeps even the most energetic youngsters engaged from start to finish.


Entertainment for All Ages

With its lively music, dynamic choreography, and heartwarming story about friendship and perseverance, The SpongeBob Musical is the perfect outing for all ages – not just kids. Parents can relax knowing that their children will be enthralled by the colorful characters and engaging storyline while also enjoying the nostalgia of revisiting their childhood memories of SpongeBob SquarePants. The production features a talented cast of local performers who bring the beloved characters to life with humor, energy, and heart. From SpongeBob’s boundless optimism to Squidward’s comedic antics, the cast delivers performances that will leave audiences of all ages smiling from ear to ear.

Moreover, the musical’s catchy songs and imaginative staging create an entertaining and immersive experience that will captivate theatergoers of all ages. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teenager, or a theatre fan, this play promises an unforgettable evening of laughter, joy, and entertainment.


Accessible to All Audiences

One of the great things about The SpongeBob Musical is that you don’t need to be familiar with the cartoon to enjoy the show. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of SpongeBob SquarePants or completely new to the world of Bikini Bottom, the production offers a fresh and accessible take on the characters and their adventures.

The story is easy to follow, with universal themes of friendship, courage, and teamwork that will resonate with audience members of all ages. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the animated series, you’ll be swept away by the energy, humor, and heartwarming moments of The SpongeBob Musical at SCCT.

The SpongeBob Musical at South Carolina Children’s Theatre is a delightful and enchanting production that promises fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories for the whole family. With its colorful characters, catchy music, and universal appeal, the show will make a splash with audiences of all ages. So grab your tickets, gather your loved ones, and prepare to dive into the enchanting world of Bikini Bottom!


Study guide

Make this entertaining trip to the theatre into a learning experience for your students! Check out our study guide to learn more about the themes of the play and possible activities and discussion topics.

Exploring Tech Week at SCCT

Welcome to the magical world behind the curtains at SCCT! If you’ve ever attended a live musical production, you’ve likely been swept away by the enchanting performances, vibrant costumes, and captivating sets. But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to make those productions come to life? Enter “Tech Week” – an integral part of the theatrical process often unseen by audiences. Let’s delve into what happens during this crucial phase at SCCT.

What is Tech Week?

Tech Week marks the final stretch of rehearsals before the opening night of a production. It’s a period when all the show’s technical elements, such as lighting, sound, costumes, and set design, are integrated with the actors’ performances. Think of it as the moment when all the puzzle pieces come together to create the complete picture of the production.


The Schedule

Tech Week typically lasts around a week, as the name suggests, though the exact duration can vary depending on the complexity of the production. At SCCT, the schedule is planned to ensure that every aspect of the show is perfected before the opening performance. Rehearsals can run for several hours each day, with the cast and crew working tirelessly to fine-tune every detail.


set Design and Props

No musical would be complete without a stunning set and eye-catching props. At SCCT, the scenic design team works tirelessly during Tech Week to bring the world of the production to life. From building elaborate sets to sourcing the perfect props, every aspect of the stage design is meticulously planned and executed. At the beginning of the rehearsal process, actors typically rehearse in a studio with the dimensions of the scenic elements marked on the floor with tape to create accurate staging that will transfer to the theatre once the set has been built. Often, the stage and set aren’t available for actors to rehearse on until Tech Week. The set is functional and safe for actors by Tech Week, but depending on the complexity of the set, some finishing touches like paint details and set dressing continue until opening night.

IMG 7789 - Behind the Scenes

Lighting and Sound

One of the most critical elements of Tech Week is lighting and sound design. At SCCT, skilled technicians and designers work behind the scenes to create the perfect ambiance for each scene, using a combination of stage lighting, sound effects, microphones, and music cues. During Tech Week, actors, stage managers, and board ops rehearse the timing of these cues under the artistic supervision of the director and designers.

Costumes and Makeup

Meanwhile, costume designers work with the wardrobe crew to help actors transform into their characters. From elaborate costumes, colorful wigs, and intricate makeup designs, designers carefully craft every detail to enhance the audience’s experience and support the story. Tech Week provides the perfect opportunity for actors to get comfortable in their costumes and makeup, ensuring they can easily move and perform on stage.

The Final Rehearsals

As Tech Week draws to a close, the intensity ramps up as the cast and crew run through the entire production multiple times. These final rehearsals are crucial for ironing out any last-minute glitches and ensuring everyone is fully prepared for opening night. It’s a time of excitement, nerves, and anticipation as the culmination of weeks or even months of hard work finally comes to fruition.


Tech Week is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating and challenging phases of the theatrical process. At SCCT, it’s a time when creativity, dedication, and teamwork converge to create unforgettable experiences for audiences of all ages. So, the next time you find yourself immersed in the magic of a live musical production, take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into making it possible – from the actors on stage to the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

IMG 7069 - Behind the Scenes

WYFF's Gabrielle Komorowski gets a glimpse into SpongeBob

“The SpongeBob Musical” is coming to the South Carolina Children’s Theatre in Greenville. From April 26 through May 19, audiences are invited to join SpongeBob and his friends for a Broadway experience.

Matt Giles, the artistic director of the South Carolina Children’s Theatre, shared insights into what the audience can expect. He said contrary to what some might assume, don’t expect to see actors in oversized sponge costumes. Instead, the musical features a professional cast, offering original songs written by renowned artists such as Cyndi Lauper, John Legend, and David Bowie.

Giles emphasized that while the company’s name might suggest otherwise, they are devoted to delivering high-caliber theatrical productions.

“I think sometimes people hear the word ‘children’s theatre’ and they think, you know, a bunch of young people on stage or students on stage, and of course, we have students in this show,” Giles said. “But it’s a really high-quality professional production, and that’s, we hope, indicative of all the work that we do at South Carolina Children’s Theatre so that everybody can come and enjoy themselves and see a variety of stories told on our stages.”

Giles said adults who grew up watching the animated series and children who may be meeting these characters for the first time will enjoy the show.

“It is about the power of friendship. It’s about the importance of belonging,” Giles said.

“It has some of the best performers in the Upstate. In this show, the choreography is out of this world. There are tap dancing numbers, there’s hip hop numbers, there’s traditional musical theatre numbers. We would say it just really runs the gamut,” Giles said.

Get $25 off through April 16 at 11:59 PM

Rehearsal with puppets scaled 1321 - Summer Camps Early Enrollment Discount Ends Tonight!

Tax returns burning a hole in your pocket? SCCT summer camps are still $25 off for one more day! Book your kids today to get an early enrollment discount. That’s $25 off per camp. So, four camps = $100 off! And, if you’re looking for all-day care during the summer, we have several options that might be right for your family.

Disney’s Finding Nemo Jr.

July 15-19 & July 22-26 | 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM | Ages 6-13

This two-week-long camp is also a fun full-day childcare option for busy parents. If your kid likes to perform, sign them up now. Every member of this camp session will be cast in the production and perform on SCCT’s Bell Stage (tickets are free)! With the early enrollment discount, the cost breaks down to only $10.27 per hour. Considering all the benefits they will get from this camp, there is no comparison to a sitter.

Register here.

Still not within budget for your family? We have need-based financial aid thanks to funding in part by John L. Smith Foundation, United community Foundation, Fred Collins Foundation, Canal Charitable Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Greenville, Robert B. and Ruth K. Lee Foundation, and the South Carolina Arts Commission with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

How to qualify for financial aid

Fill out an application and provide one of the following:

  • First page of the parent or guardian’s tax return from the prior year (2023) OR
  • A letter from your child’s school stating that your child receives free or reduced lunch. (Students that attend a Title I school automatically qualify and do not need the above documentation.) 

Fill out the Financial Aid Application here

Email your completed application and support documents to Anna Bowman at

Financial Aid recipients must pay 20% of the actual tuition cost, and the student must be prepared and attend all classes on time, except for an excused illness. We hold all students to these high standards to teach responsibility and commitment.

Curious what else we have to offer?

Our full summer camp listing can be found here. Please note that sometimes camps sell out before we can update our paperwork, so the best way to know if the camp of your choosing is still available is to look at our summer camps registration website here.