SCCT Managing Director Katie O’Kelly Graduates Leadership Greenville

The class raised $23,811 for YouthBASE and $19,086 for Rebuild Upstate, for a total of $42,897, along with thousands of dollars of in-kind donations and time donations for the projects.

The arts have always played a crucial role in shaping communities, and SCCT is taking it to the next level. SCCT Managing Director Katie O’Kelly recently graduated from Leadership Greenville, an exclusive program to develop and empower community leaders. She graduated alongside SCCT Board Member Debbra Alvarado of the Hispanic Alliance. With her newfound knowledge and skills, O’Kelly is ready to strengthen the impact of South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT) and inspire other nonprofit leaders in the area. Join us as we celebrate this exciting achievement and learn more about how SCCT is making a difference in Greenville through the power of leadership and theatre.

Leadership Greenville, a program offered by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, is known for its rigorous curriculum and hands-on experience in various aspects of leadership. O’Kelly was selected to participate in this prestigious program, and her graduation marks an important milestone for SCCT and the local arts community.

This program gave O’Kelly valuable insights into community development, collaboration, and strategic planning. She also had the opportunity to connect with other leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, sharing knowledge and ideas to drive positive change in our community.

As a nonprofit arts organization, SCCT has always been committed to providing quality theatre education and productions to children in Greenville. O’Kelly’s graduation from Leadership Greenville further reinforces our commitment to shaping our community’s future.

Strong leadership is essential for any organization’s success, especially in the nonprofit sector. O’Kelly’s participation in Leadership Greenville has equipped her with the tools and resources needed to lead SCCT toward even more significant impact and growth.

At SCCT, we know that leadership is not just about titles or positions but about empowering others and creating lasting impact. We are proud of Katie O’Kelly’s journey through Leadership Greenville, and we cannot wait to see how she will continue to inspire others as she leads us forward into a brighter future. Together, we can make Greenville an even more vibrant and creative place for future generations.

GLV lead 63 - SCCT Managing Director Katie O'Kelly Graduates Leadership Greenville
SCCT Board Member Debbra Alvarado of the Hispanic Alliance
GLV lead 124 - SCCT Managing Director Katie O'Kelly Graduates Leadership Greenville
Leadership Greenville's 50th class